Are you legendary enough?

Our Company

What do an electrical engineer, a Big 4 consultant, an operations guru, a school district employee, a librarian, a loan processor, a poker pro, an advertising agency veteran and a software specialist have in common? Not much, other than where they work now. Our variety of experiences and skills help make Legendary Capital what it is. We don’t all think alike, but we appreciate each other’s expertise and we share a passion for taking care of our investors’ capital. When you put us all together, you have a team that is setting big goals and forging a path to achieve them.

Our Culture

Legendary Capital is in the financial industry, but our culture is far from typical. No three-piece suits or rigid office environments here – we keep it casual and flexible. We embrace our Fargo, North Dakota heritage and the “work hard-play hard” mentality of the Midwest. (Read: We have shuffleboard, beer, and short summer Fridays.)

To be successful at Legendary Capital, you simply have to make an impact. We empower our team members to make decisions and get stuff done. We employ a unique range of skillsets and personalities, but we all share one defining trait: To do right by our investors.

If this sounds like a fit for you, apply for an open position or send us your resume. We are rapidly growing and always interested in adding another legendary mind!

No current openings.

We currently do not have any open positions. However, if you are a rock star and looking to join a hard-working group that is dedicated to Taking Care of the Capital℠, send us your resume. We are always interested in meeting new people. 

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