Taking Care of the Capital

At the core of everything we do

At Legendary Capital, we are steadfastly committed to one mission: Taking Care of the Capital℠.

This mission is realized by continuously putting the direct and indirect owners of the property first, focusing on capital preservation and producing operating results.

Our nine core values form the strong foundation that drives our Taking Care of the Capital commitment and provides our stakeholders a uniquely Legendary Capital experience.


  • We regularly share information with investors.
  • We embrace transparency through ethical leadership and legal compliance.
  • We earn trust through financial and operational transparency and accountability.


  • We communicate the positive and the negative to keep advisors and shareholders fully informed.
  • We provide regular financial and operational updates.
  • We educate our investors on important aspects of each program’s goals, business plan execution and key performance measurements.


  • We always tell the truth, because it is the right thing to do.
  • We build relationships on trust and integrity.
  • We deal with challenges head-on.


  • We emphasize safety over short-term results.
  • We focus on capital preservation, control expenses and prioritize asset dispositions.
  • We measure our performance against expectations.

Pride of ownership

  • We take pride in our work.
  • We are each responsible for building a caring, nurturing work environment.
  • We are passionate about Taking Care of the Capital and our roles in bringing value to shareholders

Do as you say

  • We hold ourselves accountable for personal commitments.
  • We make promises carefully and consider the consequences.
  • We follow through and deliver without fail.

Listen first

  • We believe listening is the best way to understand and discover opportunities.
  • We are compassionate to shareholders’ and team members’ needs.

Add the personal touch

  • A high-touch, personalized approach to relationships forms meaningful connections.
  • We seek out ways to interact and be helpful.
  • We are hospitable, accessible, responsive and kind to each other.

Go above & beyond

  • Every team member is empowered to improve and innovate without waiting to be asked.
  • We put feedback into action.
  • We go out of our way to exceed expectations.