Our Powerful Partnerships: Aimbridge Hospitality + National Hospitality Services

Legendary Capital is tapping into excellence offered by National Hospitality Services (NHS) and Aimbridge Hospitality, two trusted market experts. This strategic partnership brings together three industry powerhouses, combining Legendary Capital’s investment acumen with the operational proficiency and customer-centric approaches of Aimbridge Hospitality and NHS.

“We are thrilled to partner with NHS and Aimbridge Hospitality, proven leaders in the industry,” said Linzey Erickson, President and Chief Legal Officer of Legendary Capital. “Their exceptional track records and commitment to excellence perfectly align with our vision. These partnerships not only highlight our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service but also reinforce and enhance our standing in the hospitality industry.”

Each management company brings unique strengths to the partnership, ensuring a comprehensive and transformative management experience for the hotels under their expert care.

Aimbridge Hospitality

Aimbridge Hospitality is a leading global hospitality management company that pairs its scale and resources with the industry’s best and brightest talent to deliver results to each property under management.

Aimbridge Hospitality creates memorable experiences for our guests and drives notable bottom-line impacts to our properties through its focused expertise, highlighted by its six operational divisions spanning all key industry verticals and geographies. This operational structure is beneficial to us through Aimbridge Hospitality’s reinforced and strengthened services, access to robust tools to streamline operations, best-in-class supplier agreements, and unparalleled partnerships with industry brands.

“We are proud to manage a collection of upscale properties owned by Legendary Capital in Texas and Michigan,” said Cody Feaster, Regional Vice President, Operations at Aimbridge Hospitality. “We have formed a strong partnership and look forward to continuing to provide best-in-class service and support as we grow together in the future.”

In addition to its implementation of cutting-edge technologies, diverse on-property expertise, and industry insights, Aimbridge Hospitality is committed to curating top talent through innovative training and recruitment strategies made to continue delivering an unparalleled level of service to properties like ours. Its dedicated team brings demonstrated operational knowledge to life to bolster the value of our portfolio for the long term.

National Hospitality Services

With over 50 years of experience and industry knowledge, NHS has earned a premier reputation for its comprehensive suite of hotel management services, delivering operational efficiency and outstanding guest experiences. Their seasoned professionals possess a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, allowing them to implement innovative operational strategies that minimize costs and maximize revenue.

“Guest satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do,” said Sarah Koustrup, Chief Strategy Officer at NHS. “We are providing personalized service, cultivating positive reviews, and stewarding guest loyalty, which has created a foundation for sustained profitability and long-term success.”

NHS leverages cutting-edge technology and best industry practices to optimize daily performance and create memorable experiences for guests. By staying at the forefront of operational advancements, they ensure seamless processes, efficient communication, and streamlined operations. This commitment to innovation enables NHS to deliver exceptional results. Their use of advanced tools and systems allows for data-driven decision-making, revenue maximization, and cost optimization, all of which contribute to the overall success of the hotels under their management.

By forging strategic partnerships with National Hospitality Services and Aimbridge Hospitality, Legendary Capital is poised to achieve a new standard of excellence in hotel management.

“We are excited about these strong partnerships, and are confident that our collaboration with National Hospitality Services and Aimbridge Hospitality will consistently yield outstanding operational excellence and create memorable guest experiences, ultimately elevating the performance and value of the hotels under their management,” said Alec Worwa, Legendary Capital’s Director of Investments.

As these partnerships come to fruition, Legendary Capital’s dedication to excellence remains unwavering. By leveraging the expertise of National Hospitality Services and Aimbridge Hospitality, Legendary Capital is well-positioned to optimize operations, maintain a competitive edge, and provide unforgettable experiences for guests.